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Colfax visits IPCC at Hartree Centre

In the second week of our visit to Intel Performance Computing Centres (IPCC) in the U.K., we visited the IPCC at Hartree Centre. Our work involved conducting our 1-Day CDT on Monday, and then investigating scientific applications for optimization opportunities for the remaining 4 days. We investigated two applications; a molecular dynamics simulation called DL_MESO and weather simulation called Harmonie. With the help of Intel tools such as Intel VTune Amplifier, we profiled and analysed these applications for possible optimizations.

For the DL_MESO application, we had the fortune of working with Michael Seaton, the primary author of DL_MESO, and together we took the Lattice-Boltzmann part of the DL_MESO application and sped it up by 45.5% on a server node based on an Intel Xeon CPU. We plan to continue collaborating with Hartree team on DL_MESO and further optimize it.