Andrey Vladimirov, Ph. D.


Andrey Vladimirov, is the Head of HPC Research at Colfax International. His primary research interest is the application of modern computing technologies to computationally demanding scientific problems. Prior to joining Colfax, Andrey was involved in theoretical astrophysics research at Stanford University (USA), North Carolina State University, and the Ioffe Institute (Russia), where he studied cosmic rays, collisionless plasmas and the interstellar medium using computer simulations. Andrey Vladimirov holds a Ph. D. from NCSU for his work in theoretical astrophysics. All posts by this author…

Ryo Asai

Ryo Asai is a Researcher at Colfax International. He develops optimization methods for scientific applications targeting emerging parallel computing platforms, computing accelerators and interconnect technologies. His interests include data analytics and accelerated computing. Ryo Asai holds a B. A. degree in Physics from University of California, Berkeley. All posts by this author…

Alaa Eltablawy

Alaa Eltablawy is an Intern at Colfax International. She works on the development and support of educational tools for high-performance computing, including benchmarks, exercises and automation. Her past experience includes code porting and optimization on modern parallel computers, data analysis and application software engineering. Alaa Eltablawy holds an M. S. degree in electrical and computer engineering from George Washington University. Articles by this author…

Jay Shah, Ph. D.

Jay Shah is a visiting assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame, where he conducts research in the mathematical field of topology, which is the science of shapes: their construction, classification, and manipulation. The tools and methodologies of topology find application in data analytics when one tries to view data as reflecting some underlying shape; inference then corresponds to the topological maneuver of extracting invariants of this putative shape. The practical implementation of this schema requires cross-disciplinary expertise and is the focus of Jay’s collaborative work with the Colfax Research team. Jay Shah holds a Ph. D. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his research in mathematics.