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Slide Deck for Colfax Developer Training on Parallel Programming

We are making publicly available the slide deck of the Colfax developer training titled “Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel Architecture“.

This training is an intensive course for developers wishing to leverage the Intel architecture. It is also useful for many-core and multi-core processor programming. The course is based on a book of the same name, which contains targeted exercises (“labs”) for hands-on practicum.

In 2014-2015, “Parallel Programming and Optimization…” has visited over 100 locations across the United States: research institutions, government labs, universities, and regional trainings. Over 2000 students attended the course. Many of these events were free to attendees thanks to Intel’s sponsorship.

Update: now with new information about the upcoming 2nd generation Intel Xeon Phi processor (Knights Landing, KNL).

Slide deck:  Colfax-Developer-Training.pdf (13 MB) (last updated August 2017)

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  1. There is someting with the PDF file, I can’t open it.

  2. Great review, mainly the part related to the new KNL. Thank you!

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