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Interview with James Reinders: future of Intel MIC architecture, parallel programming, education

A few weeks ago we recorded our conversation with James Reinders, the Director and Chief Evangelist at Intel Corporation. We discussed the future of the parallel programming and Intel MIC architecture products: Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, Knights Landing (KNL), and future 3rd generation – Knight Hill (KNH). We also talked about how students can learn parallel programming and optimization for high performance applications.

Watch the whole interview by clicking the player above, or jump straight to one of the questions in the list below.

  1. James Reinders and his role at Intel. – 00:47
  2. Why Parallel Programming and Code Modernization is important? – 01:49
  3. Brief introduction to MIC architecture and Xeon Phi coprocessors. – 04:03
  4. What type of applications benefit from MIC architecture? – 07:16
  5. How to approach porting your code for MIC architecture? – 09:58
  6. What is new in Knights Landing. – 15:24
  7. Details of chip design of Knights Landing. – 19:54
  8. 3rd MIC generation – Knights Hill. – 21:16
  9. How to future-proof my code? – 23:15
  10. High bandwidth memory on KNL. – 27:35
  11. Details on James Reinders’ books. – 29:59
  12. Future of Parallel Programming. – 34:37
  13. New parallel programming languages? – 38:16
  14. Future of the parallel libraries. – 40:01
  15. How to learn parallel programming? – 45:22
  16. Colfax Developer Training. – 48:20